Perspective Beyond Money.


Investment With A Vision

In 1995, The Courtney Group opened its doors with a vision that in a world of giant organizations with a broad array of services, there was a need for a small firm that offers the highest levels of professionalism and expertise, and senior-level attention to clients and relationships. In sum: we offer big firm expertise without the big firm or the conflicts that come with it.

In 1999, we expanded into private equity investing, raising an initial pool of $150 million in capital from a single investor. In 2003, the firm moved its headquarters from New York City to Newport Beach, California and expanded our investor base substantially.

Today, we have five senior professionals covering six industry sectors and relationships around the world with hundreds of investors, lenders, and clients.

From the start, we believed:

  • The firm could help build successful companies supporting strong management teams.
  • In a world of ever larger firms, there is an opportunity for talented, entrepreneurial professionals with top-level personal relationships to offer outstanding advice on mergers and acquisitions (buy-side and sell-side), capital raising and capital strategies, and corporate divestitures.
  • When conflicts of interest are front page news, an advisory partner able to provide objective advice and counsel without any pressure from competing agendas is a requirement.
  • People matter to us, and working with the right people is critical to success in all our endeavors.

Our Promise To You...

We promise our investment banking clients senior-level attention and the determination to see the investment banking assignments we accept through the entire process to successful completion. We promise our private equity partners, investors, lenders, advisors, and the companies in which we seek to invest transparency, responsiveness, and good faith dealing.

Our Pledge

At The Courtney Group, we pledge to provide you with the highest level of integrity and expertise; to recommend only what’s suitable for you and your situation; to give you senior-level personalized attention; and to stand by our work and our word.

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